Take a Subway Ride Over The Manhattan Bridge

If you can't make it to New York City consider this a free vacation. When I last talked to my buddy James about what he liked to do in New York he told me he wanted to see the subway and go through a tunnel. Well here is a cool video that shows the "N" train going through a tunnel from Canal Street and then going over the Manhattan Bridge and into Dekalb ave station in Brooklyn.

The train continues through the tunnel and out towards Coney Island. The train going over the bridge has some view of both lower Manhattan and the Dumbo section of Brooklyn. It is named Dumbo as an acronym which stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge - or something like that.

The video is 7 minutes long and shows the subway tunnel for the first 1:30 seconds if you seen enough of the tunnel just fast forward to that point and continue. The really cool part is the outside part going over the Bridge.



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