The St. Patrick's Day Parade Is One Of My Favorite Things To Do In New York City It Involves Beer and Food

When the parade kicks off I am usually bundled up somewhere just waiting for the sounds of bagpipes as they stroll down 5th Avenue. Knowing that the parade is passing me by all I can think about is corned beef and cabbage and a nice cold beer.

It is amazing how everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. You will see people from all nations out and partying in full force. You can probably see me during the parade wearing one of those funny hats that I wear ever year. Just like the ones you see below.

Elope Shamrock Madhatter

Elope Leprechaun Topper

Elope St. Patty's Bowler

Elope Giant Leprechaun Hat

Elope Danny-Oh Hat

Elope St. Pat's Mitre

Elope Kid's Leprechaun Topper

Elope Green Beer Mug Hat

Elope Shamrock Horns Hat

After the parade is over and I finished my corned beef dinner I usually end up down in Park Slope in a bar called Farrell's. This of course after I stopped by a few gin mills in the city of course. It is good to get a hotel in the city if you plan on having a few beers.

It is a tiresome day when you are watching the parade in the cold with all those marching bands and grand marshals. It is a long parade and after hitting the bars it is good to plan in advance and just pay to get a hotel instead of trying to travel Vinny From Brooklyn Home. Hope to see you there!

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