Where Are The Best New York City Restaurants?

This question should only be answered after you try them all. Ok I am just kidding actually you really can't say one restaurant is the best since it is up to each persons taste buds or type of food they like.

My food of choice is Italian. Maybe yours is Spanish or Chinese that doesn't matter as I can point you in the right direction no matter what type of food you like. A tip I have to share is since you are probably going to be on vacation here you may want to try something different than you would at Vinny From Brooklyn Home. New York City is so diverse you can probably eat a different type of food everyday while you are here and never have the same thing twice.

What made me start this site was because I got tired of always seeing shows on television that claim they have the best pizza. It is funny how they never mention the place that I think has the best and that would be Vic's Pizza place at 228 Kings Highway and right off the "N" Train.

Enough about pizza there really is a lot of top quality restaurants here in the city that you need to check out.

When I am down in little Italy there are so many good places to go but I always find myself back at Umberto's Clam House on Mulberry street. I love the flavor of the Italian sauce there. Yes that is me in the picture.

There are many restaurants on Mulberry street so if you want to try something else that is one of the best places in the city to eat. In one block alone there is about 10 Italian restaurants that feature different types of Italian cooking.

What is good about this area is you are only steps from Chinatown which also has many restaurants. To get here you can cab it or take the 4,5,6,N,R,and Q train and get off at Canal street station. This area also has some pretty good shopping spots, you can make a day out of this area alone.  

I must say I have tried about 25 of the restaurants down there and not only is the food great here the atmosphere is what I feel really makes the place.

If you are in lower Manhattan you have to step into Biddy Earlys pub and have lunch or dinner. I found this place by mistake and it had great food and atmosphere. The prices are really great. I had a roast beef dinner for $8. How can you beat that?

Restaurants in Brooklyn

Out in Brooklyn restaurants open and close so fast that it is very hard for me to keep up. My favorite places to eat are L&B's Spumoni garden down on 86th street and Havana Outpost on Fulton street. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn.

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