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This is the World famous Grimaldi's Pizzeria down near the Fulton Landing. Notice the line as it goes around the block. It was taken on the fourth of July and people were getting pies and bringing them up to the Brooklyn Promenade to watch the Macy's firework show.

This was taken near the Promenade on one of the side streets.

There is plenty of buildings that have amazing features

Stillwell avenue train station in Coney Island Brooklyn New YorkAs I make new pages it came to me that people may like to see some of the pictures that I take as I go about my day. I am not the best at taking pictures but as I get better so will the site.

This picture is taken from the N train platform in Coney Island. You will notice the strange roof which is actually solar panels that provide electric to the station. The station was remodeled from 2000 until 2006 and this is what they came up with. 

Ferris wheel in coney island

This picture was taken by me turning around on the N train platform. It was very overcast that day but you can see the famous "Wonder Wheel" at Demo's. Right behind that is the beach and the boardwalk so as you can see you can walk right from the train station.

Solar panel roof on train station in coney islandHere is another picture of the solar panels that make up the roof in the train station. You will notice that most of my pictures are taken near or from the train as I travel using the train very often.


The day I took these pics I wandered down to the boardwalk and took a few more pictures. I don't want to clutter up this page so I will make more as I go along.

Picture of the Jackie Robinson Pee Wee Reese statue in front of Keyspan Park Coney Island Brooklyn New YorkHere is a picture of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese that was just placed in front of Keyspan Park where the Brooklyn Cyclones play.  The Cyclones are the New York Mets single "A" minor league team. Behind the statue is the World Famous parachute jump. They are in the process of rebuilding the jump and there are many big plans for the Coney Island area. Many are not popular with the residents in the area as most of the rides are being removed for condo's.

One of the treats that Brooklyn has is it's own Botanic Garden. Located right near the Brooklyn Museum it is a must see.

Another cool thing I visited was the Brooklyn Bridge where I took a video. You can also see more on the Brooklyn video page.

NYPD cops on horseback down by the Fulton landing under the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you are planning to be in Brooklyn for a fireworks you have to view them from Brooklyn Bridge Park or the Brooklyn Promenade.

Pictures of New York City Waterfalls.

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