Pictures Of New York City - The Big Apple

The pictures here were taken from all over Brooklyn and Manhattan.

These pictures were taken in lower Manhattan down by the courthouse on Worth street. You may have seen these steps on television as they are always filming the TV show "Law and Order" here.

If you are planning on coming here you may want to purchase a ticket for one of the double decker buses that roam around the city. You can get on and off the buses and take pictures and wait for the next bus. It really is a good deal and a great way to see the city.

The ferry is going past one of my favorite places in the World the South Street Seaport which is a great place for dinner or a quick lunch. The fountain is in City Hall park along with this old looking lamppost.

See below for more pictures:

Pictures of a walking tour of Manhattan - Friends of mine took these shots as they wandered around Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge Video - New camera that takes videos is amazing. here is a quick video from the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge

Fireworks over Brooklyn - Amazing pictures of fireworks taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Amazing place to see all sorts of wild flowers and plants. Did you know there are cactus in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Promenade - One of the best views of Manhattan.

Walking around Brooklyn - Some pictures I took with my new camera.

Videos about Brooklyn - See some things you didn't know about Brooklyn.

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