Waterfalls In New York City : Art or Junk?

waterfall with ship passing by.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Brooklyn Promenade until I saw the Waterfalls, What a big disappointment. Olafur Eliasson is the artist that is responsible for putting up 4 waterfalls in the New York Harbor.

nyc waterfalls taken from the Brooklyn Promenade.

In a project that cost 15 million dollars in private funds I have to call this very very disappointing. It looks like scaffolding with rain water running off. When I went to explaining it to someone there they started laughing. They thought it was some sort of filtering process for the East river.

Waterfall on govenors island.

I guess in a good way more people will discover Brooklyn but besides that I think it makes the city look stupid. The scaffolding should have been surrounded by some sort of background.

steel structurewith a waterfall that some people are calling art.

If you want to see these things there are three or four places to get some good pictures.

1) The Brooklyn Promenade
2) Brooklyn Bridge Park
3) South Street Seaport
4) Under the FDR drive

waterfall in manhattan off the FDR Drive.

As you can see being on a boat gives you the best view.

New York City Police boat going under the new york city arts project the waterfall.

I like this one with the New York City Police boat.

paddlewheel boat going by the nyc waterfall.

A Paddleboat tour

Waterfall under the Brooklyn Bridge.

View from Brooklyn Bridge park. Really not a good view from here.

steel waterfall under the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you are coming to the city to see the waterfalls I suggest taking the Water Taxi tour or maybe the circle line located at 42nd street and the Hudson river.

If you want to take a walking tour you can start by going to the South Street Seaport and taking pictures of the waterfall that is under the Brooklyn Bridge. Then I would walk over the Brooklyn Bridge while taking pictures of the waterfall that is near the FDR Drive. It will be on the left side as you walk to Brooklyn. Then I would head over to Brooklyn Bridge park then pass by Fulton Landing then up to the Brooklyn Promenade. You can also take the water taxi from The seaport to Fulton Landing and save a lot of walking.

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