When you come to New York City you don't have to visit just Brooklyn

I had a few friends from out of town come to visit me and they took a trip to Manhattan and hit all the popular tourist places in the city.

They walked around Greenwich Village and then headed up towards the Times Square area.

They took a lot of pictures that I will be posting soon but here is a small preview of what you would see if you visited the Island of Manhattan. 

picture of the subway station sign at west 4th street in manhattan This is where you get off the subway in the village if you want to walk around and see the sites there. I have been to a few places down there and my favorite is a place called Boxers. They have a great lunch menu which is good because you need food if you are going to walk around.

clock tower on Christopher street This picture was taken down by Christopher street and it shows one of the many clocks that are in Manhattan.

My friend Debbie happens to like clocks so here is one of the many pictures she took of clocks. I have lived in New York all my life and I didn't know there were so many clocks around the city. If you think about it when these buildings were built people didn't have a watch or a cell phone that had the time displayed on it.

picture of the Empire State Building looking upwards from the streetAs they left the Village they headed uptown (walking) which is a hike to get all the way to 33rd street where the Empire State Building has stood since 1930. You can get some great pictures from the top of the building. If you are planning on visiting the building you should get a ticket to the Skyride and the observation deck.

Going on the Skyride will get you ahead of the long lines that form and it is well worth the price.

picture from Bryant park looking towards the empire state building After leaving the Empire State Building they headed uptown and ended up in Bryant Park on 42nd street and 6th avenue. This park is where they have the fashion show every year and a great place to unwind during your lunch hour. They have free Wi-Fi which is always a good thing.

The picture on the left is taken from Bryant Park looking back towards the Empire State Building.

picture of the carosel in bryant park in manhattanThe thing that surprised me was that they had rides in the park. There is a little carousel that you can put the kids on. That is really cool. It just shows that you never know what you are going to see when you walk around.


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