Walking Tour From Manhattan and Brooklyn

A few weeks ago I did a little walking around and I bought a new Fuji FinePix s700 digital camera and took a walk around New York City. I started out by taking the 2 train to borough hall and walked over the Brooklyn bridge.

 picture of the Brooklyn Bridge from the promenade in Brooklyn Heights fountain by Jay Street in Columbus park

South street seaport picture taken from the Brooklyn promenade building clock tower near city hall park Robin eating grass in the park outside of city hall in downtown Manhattan

The first picture is a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge that was taken from the Promenade in Brooklyn. Not many people that visit the city know about this place. It is a great place to take pictures of lower Manhattan.

The second picture is taken from the Brooklyn Bridge itself.

The third picture was taken before I walked over the Bridge I stopped by the courthouse over by Jay Street Borough Hall where I took a picture of this old fountain.

The fourth picture was also taken from the Brooklyn Promenade, the building is the South Street Seaport which they are planning on knocking down to build some sort of park.

The fifth picture is the top of an old building across from City Hall. The Municipal building down on Chambers and Centre street. It was built in 1915 after being planned for many years.

The sixth picture is a rare picture of a robin that I seen in City Hall park. Just shows you that you never know what you are going to see when you walk around. You may want to check out the video I took from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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