Finding Hotels In New York City

There are many hotels in New York City and they range in prices. When I stay in the city I will usually stay near a location that I am planning on spending most of my time. This is not really that important but if you plan on doing the tourist things you will want a central location so you can either take a quick nap or a shower.

When I find myself in the city I am usually walking a lot during the day and then get a late lunch then take a nap and see the city at night when all the lights are on. To see New York City you really need to see both day and night versions.

Right now the in thing to do is go to the Empire State building around 5 or 6pm so you get to see the city in the daylight and if you linger a while you can see New York City at night.

No matter where you stay you are always just a few stops away on the train or a quick cab ride from your hotel.  There are not many choices when it comes to hotels in Brooklyn. There is the Marriot in downtown Brooklyn by Jay street but that is about it. I recommend you stay in Manhattan and venture out to Brooklyn by subway.

They opened up a new Days Inn on 39th street and 5th ave in Brooklyn that looks like a nice place to stay if you really want to stay in Brooklyn. To get there by subway you can take the D, M, N, or R train to 36th street and 4th avenue and walk 4 blocks to the hotel.

I guess if you needed to be staying near downtown Brooklyn you would only be one express stop by subway to the Atlantic Avenue mall.

Days Inn Brooklyn
437 39th Street
Gowanus Exp; 39th St Exit
Brooklyn, NY 11232 US
Phone: 718-853-4141

Most of the hotels are expensive in the city. The ones that are really cheap are probably way below your standards. If you are planning on being out of your room they may be suitable for you. If all you need is a bed and a shower then it is a good way to save money that you can spend on souvenirs.

Hotels range from $120 a night at the Carter Hotel which is really a bad hotel but its one block from Times Square. For the price you may rather be at the Westin right next door even though its around 300 a night. A block or so north of that is the Milford Plaza hotel which is around $175 a night and the rooms are nice.

There is a Comfort Inn on west 35th street that is usually around $200 a night that I am sure is much better than the Carter. If you are looking for an upscale hotel you can look at the Hudson on west 58th street. It is around $350 a night and the rooms are small unless you upgrade.

You may also want to stay in New Jersey and take the train into Manhattan. If you are flying into Newark Airport this may be a better option to save a lot of money.

They are planning a hotel out in Coney Island but until that is ready stay in Manhattan as there is more to see and do there now.

Here is my list of Hotels in Brooklyn.

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