Pictures of Macy's Fireworks From Brooklyn Bridge Park

couple watching the fireworks in new york harbor

One of the most amazing places to be for fireworks is in Dumbo. What is amazing about it is there are fireworks both in front of you and behind you.

Red and purple fireworks exploding over the Brooklyn Bridge.

When the fireworks are exploding you have no idea which way to look as it is happening all over the place. I was lucky enough to catch these red fireworks.

fireworks opening over the Brooklyn Bridge.

These fireworks were about 500 feet away from me as I was taking the picture. Very hard to actually see how cool Brooklyn Bridge Park is.

Fireworks expolding over stuyvansen city in lower Manhattan.

These fireworks are actually over Manhattan from a barge parked up by the UN building. Lower Manhattan has a slight turn to it and it makes it look like the pictures are coming from New Jersey.

Fireworks over Manhattan.

Digital zoom comes in handy sometimes, even though the pic is a little blurry it is still pretty cool as the fireworks open over these buildings.

Red fireworks opening over the Brooklyn Bridge.

A better view of these fireworks would be from the Brooklyn promenade or the Fulton landing.

White fireworks opening over Brooklyn.

Getting to Brooklyn Bridge park is not that hard. You take the "F" train to York street station and walk 3 or 4 blocks. You can also take the "A" train to High Street Brooklyn Bridge and walk about 4 or 5 blocks.

These pictures really do not do the actual fireworks any justice. As you know it is really hard to time fireworks for pictures. After going to Brooklyn Bridge park you can grab a bite to eat at one of the many places up on Front Street which is a block away.

There is no concession stands in the park so bring some food with you.

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