The Largest Park In Manhattan With The Largest Lake

Last weekend I took a walk through Central Park for the first time in a long time. It was about 90 degrees and very humid.

I was amazed at the amount of people laying down on blankets taking in the sun. Most were taking in the atmosphere more than anything else.

In a city that is so fast it is hard to find a place to escape the hustle and the bustle but you can do it right in Central Park. I started on my journey near Columbus circle at 59th street and Central Park West. I really didn't have a plan or a route in mind, just went with the flow of things.

Walking across the park was something that I should do more often for sure. I passed a little jazz band and even Shakespeare in the park. I had no idea what that was before and I lived in New York City all my life. I walked up past Strawberry Fields and the Imagine Image that was placed there after the tragic murder of John Lennon.

After that I took a walk up to Cherry Hill Fountain. This is the fountain that you see on the beginning of the tv show "Friends" You know the one where they are all playing in the water. That was cool, I didn't even know this was here. I always thought that was done on a Hollywood sound stage or something. Kind of strange that the coffee shop on the show is called Central Perk. Kind of cool if you ask me.

I walked up to the lake where they rent boats out, I seen many a relaxing couple that were just floating around taking in the day with some quiet time. They even had a gondola that you can take rides in. This is good if you don't feel like rowing and/or being sore the next day.

It seems so tranquil and yet you are in the middle of Manhattan. You can see the huge buildings that border the park all around you. I took a little video to show this.

You can see some more videos of NYC here. For more information on the park visit

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