New Hotels are Popping up Everyday in Brooklyn

When I first started the website I didn't really think about how fast Brooklyn is becoming a tourist attraction. Obviously the hotel chains are starting to see that there is a need for hotels so they are building them. Who can blame them?

 With so many people flocking to the borough they need a place to rest as they discover all of what Brooklyn has to offer.

Here is a list of Hotels in Brooklyn

  • Holiday Inn Express 625 Union Street (718) 797-1133
  • Red Carpet Inn 980 Wyckoff Ave (718) 417-4111
  •  Best Western Gregory Hotel 8315 Fourth Ave (718) 238-3737
  • Best Western Brooklyn Bay 3003 Emmons Ave (718) 769-5000
  • New York Marriot (Brooklyn Bridge) 33 Adams street (718) 246-7000
  • Howard Johnson 599 Utica ave (718) 774-0018
  • Comfort Inn 3218 Emmons ave (718) 368-3334
  • Comfort Inn 279 Butler street (718) 855-9600
  • Hotel Le Bleu 370 Fourth ave (718) 625-1500

If you plan on visiting Manhattan and you don't want to be too far away I recommend trying to stay in Downtown Brooklyn. The hotels closest to the city is the New York Marriot (Brooklyn Bridge) which is also one of the more expensive hotels. The Holiday Inn Express on Union street would be my choice. With 115 rooms there it may be easier to get a room.

There is more hotels coming to Brooklyn and like I said many of the big hotel chains plan on building more. There are already plans for Sheraton, Hyatt, and Holiday Inn trying to get into the market.


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