This Is Not Another Site About Brooklyn History

Brooklyn has many sites already that have linked to the history of Brooklyn. When I started to make this site I decided not to go that route with the site. If you are looking for history of Brooklyn check out this site. I want to tell people stories about Brooklyn like what to see and what to do while either taking a vacation in New York City or maybe someone that was from Brooklyn that wants to see pictures from here to make them feel like they can go back Vinny From Brooklyn Home.

 On this site you will see many places in Brooklyn that I believe to be what you should see while you are here. Too many folks take a vacation to New York City but don't venture to the outer boroughs to see what they have to offer.

brooklyn bridge and manhattan bridge taken from the South Street SeaportIf you are planning on staying in the city then why not plan on taking in a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and stopping at Grimaldis for some brick oven pizza.

This picture was taken from the restaurant at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan which is one of my favorite spots in the world.

Then you can take a short walk over to the Brooklyn promenade and see the NYC skyline. It puts NYC into a new perspective. The best time for this is sunset so you get to see it in the daylight and a few minutes later you get to see the city all lit up.

Come see the many famous people have been born in Brooklyn.

In this picture is a view of the Brooklyn Bridge promenade on a rainy day as people are awaiting the Macy's fireworks to start.

Click on the picture to be taken to the Brooklyn Promenade page.

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