Where are the best places to go shopping in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is not really thought of for shopping but there are many places to shop in the borough as it has quite a few mom and pop shops and some malls like Kings Plaza and the Shops at the Atlantic Avenue Mall.

Lets start with the stores at Kings Plaza which is down on Flatbush Avenue and Avenue U and can be accessed by many buses and is just a short drive from the Belt parkway. The B3 Nyc Transit bus runs across Avenue U and puts you right in front of the mall. One of the larger stores there is Macy's which we all know has everything. There is many busses that run down Flatbush avenue that can take you to Kings Plaza. You can take the 2 or 5 train to Flatbush ave station and take the Q35 to get there. Of course you can stay Vinny From Brooklyn Home and shop Find Today's Daily Deal on the Best in Brooklyn!

I like going to Kings Plaza for the food more than shopping, but there are some other stores there that are typical mall stores like Radio Shack etc. The Kings Plaza mall also has a huge movie theatre with many choices on the large screens.

Best Shopping Mall in Brooklyn

The best places to shop in Brooklyn for me is the Atlantic Avenue Mall at the end of the Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. They have a lot of stores like Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Circuit City, Guitar Center and Victoria Secrets. There is also some good choices for food with Houlihans and the newly opened Buffalo Wild Wings. These sit down food places have some good food and of course fine selections of drinks.

You may be saying to yourself "how do I get to the Atlantic Avenue mall?" Well that's easy, to get to Atlantic Avenue Mall you can take either the 2,3,4,5 train to the Atlantic Avenue station or the D, Q, M, N, and R train to Pacific street station. The Long Island railroad also has a terminal there right under the mall. Needless to say getting to the mall is quite easy by public transportation. There are many buses that are right outside the mall.

The other mall in Brooklyn is the Erskine Street Mall. This mall is along the Belt parkway and has many stores like Bed Bath any Beyond and the Home Depot. The anchor of the mall is BJ's Warehouse where they have lots of merchandise on sale. I am a member of the club myself and I save a lot of money on things I use everyday. There is also some fine restaurants here like Boulder Creek and Red Lobster.

These are just the malls in Brooklyn, there is also many fine little stores that have some of the most diverse items in the world. The stores along Fulton street and the stores under the El on 86th come into mind.

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