My Video From The Brooklyn Bridge

I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge last week with my friends from Australia but I didn't have a good camera. I was walking around down by the Twin Towers site (I refuse to call it Ground Zero) and stopped by J&R Music World and bought a new digital camera.

I really wasn't planning on getting a camera that day but they had a guy out in front of the place giving out free demonstrations on the cameras features. I went inside and looked at all the cameras and ended up buying a Fuji FinePix s700 which was on sale for $219 which is a great price for a 7 megapixel camera with a 10X zoom lens. (update the camera is now 149.)

If I am planning on showing you all of New York I needed a better camera. What I like is the camera takes videos as well. The video you see here was taken by me near the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is not that good of a shot since it was windy and I was moving my hand too much. I am still learning the camera also.

After walking over the Bridge from Brooklyn I stopped and had lunch at Biddy Earlys Pub which is just on the other side of City Hall park. I was tired from all that walking and really needed a cold beer and some food. I stumbled into this place by accident and I am glad I did. The food is cheap and the beer was cold. They had tables and chairs in the back where I sat down and had lunch.

You can see more Brooklyn Videos here.

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