Take a trip up to the Bronx Zoo and see some amazing animals right in New York City

When you think of planning a trip to New York City Odds are you don't think about the Bronx but since you are planning a trip to the city you should make a day trip up to the Bronx zoo.

There are many things to do in Brooklyn but that doesn't mean you can't venture out to other parts of the city. Yesterday I took the #2 train from Brooklyn and went up to the Bronx Zoo. After visiting their website which the recommended taking the train to the East Tremont Ave/West Farms Square stop I continued to the next stop at 180th street since I was more familiar with the area. It is the same 2 block walk from either station but I wanted to see the train yard at the East 180th Street station and take pictures for another page I am making here.

Leaving the 180th street station you exit to the right and you end up on East 180th street which runs along the outside fence of the zoo after you pass the Bronx fire dept building that is also an amazing structure and very camera worthy.

As you get to the corner of East 180th street and Boston road you will find River park. This is a city park that has a little playground for the kids and a BBQ area for parties. This city park is probably the only city park with a waterfall. As you enter the park (and you will) there is spots to get a close up picture of the waterfall.

Entrance to the Bronx Zoo

You don't realize it at the time but you just walked over a stone bridge that you will see once you turn around in the park. It was another cool site except for the garbage pails in the water.

Leaving the park and making the half block up to the zoo where I waited on line for what was a stupid amount of time because everyone in front of me seemed to not know what type of entrance fee to pay. They need to put signs up before the booth where you pay so you know the options. I paid the $25 for the pay one price instead of being nickled and dimed at every attraction. It was the best plan for me as I planned on taking in all the sites.

There are so many exotic animals that I can't mention them all. Odds are I would spell their names wrong anyway. I would rather just put up some pictures and let you enjoy the sites. There are some attractions that were better than others. I enjoyed the Butterfly exhibit a lot but the mouse house was disappointing. There was only one penguin when I got to their exhibit as it was just after feeding and I am thinking they all were taking a nap just like I do after I eat a big meal. Here is a short video and here is some Bronx Zoo Pictures.

One word of advice I would give is to pack your own lunch. The prices for food at the zoo is more expensive then any other place I have ever gone in my whole life. The workers were very polite but the food was expensive. I talked to a father of four that spent over $100 on food at the park. Needless to say he was just as happy as I was on that matter. The money you save on food can go towards souvenirs. You can sit outside and watch flamingos at the Pepsi pavilion and eat lunch.

There were what seemed like 100 flamingos in the little pond outside the food court. Very easy on the eyes and they seemed to pose for the camera. I had a Nathan's hot dog, French fries and a Snapple fruit punch. It was over $10 which was way too much money for the size of the meal. If you are coming to NYC you might as well go to Coney Island and have the real thing and have a Nathan's hot dog.

If you are planning on visiting the zoo I suggest you wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking involved even if you use the little shuttle that takes you around the park. You can use the shuttle and get off at each stop but you will miss a lot of attractions along the way. If you have small children you will want to use a stroller. They have stroller parking areas outside each exhibit.

If you need more info on train maps visit the official MTA website www.mta.info

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