Who Knew I was in an Avril Lavigne Video

There is many cool things that happen in Brooklyn everyday, too much to really explain on one website about Brooklyn to be honest with you.

There was one day when I was talking on my cell phone and walking under the El by 86th street and Bay Parkway to go to the local pizza parlor. I was minding my own business and some girl ran past me screaming. Normally I would drop what I was doing at the time and go help the girl but not this time.

When I looked up and realized what was happening I didn't need to worry it was just some crazy people I thought making some sort of documentary. I was wrong about that.

You see, the girl was being filmed by a car or a truck or something I don't remember which. It was all happening so fast and once I realized I wasn't needed I just chalked it up to film students making a movie.

Fast forward a few months and I am sitting in my living room and this girl pops up on my television. Little did I know who she was or what they were doing, I was too focused on my cell phone call as it was long distance with a hot woman of my own. Plus the girl didn't need help so I went back to what I was doing.

Well it seems that yours truly was almost in a music video for Avril Lavigne. The song is called "My Happy Ending". I bet she didn't know that the video was made on the same street as the famous scene in Saturday Night Fever where John Travolta was strutting down the street.

You can watch the video below I am on the curb to the left.

There is many other places in Brooklyn that Avril Lavigne used during the shoot. The building with the train going by looks like it is over by the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge. I can only tell because it looks like a "J" or "M" R-42 subway train going by as the band is playing.

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