There Are So Many Places To See In New York City

Where do I start after all this is New York City and there are a million places for people to see.

One place that is dear to me is Coney Island. The rides, the history and now minor league baseball is there also.

I could go on and on all day about the ocean but I will leave that to the experts. Visit Coney Island pages at they can explain what to see in Coney Island better than I ever could.

Parachute jump and boardwalk in coney island brooklyn new yorkIf you make it down to Coney Island make sure you have your camera ready as you can get pictures of the world famous Cyclone rollercoaster, Demos Wonderwheel, Keyspan Park, and the Parachute jump.

If you are visiting and taking the train from Manhattan there are a few ways to get to Coney Island and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The fastest way is probably the "N" train where if you are lucky enough to go over the Manhattan bridge you get some great shots of lower Manhattan.

The longest way is probably the "D" train and you will get that cool view plus you will ride over a train el in Brooklyn that has been in some famous movies like Saturday Night Fever and probably every gangster movie ever made. The "F" train rides over a similar El once it comes out of the subway tunnel but the ride has less of a view. The "Q" train runs outside for most of the ride but there really is nothing spectacular to look at during the long ride.

From Manhattan the ride to Coney Island should be about 45 minutes long. The train Station at Coney Island is called Stillwell Ave and is located one block from the boardwalk and the Atlantic ocean. Of course if you are going to Coney Island you have to visit Nathan's.

If you are going into Manhattan a great way to see the city is by Helicopter. The city is a great site when the lights are coming on. I recommend you try it and take a camera, you won't be disappointed.   

If you need more info on train maps visit the official MTA website

Other Attractions:

Another good site I have found is they offer tons of things to do in NYC, including cool monthly events, coupons, half price Broadway tickets, free NYC Museums, restaurant guides, tourist attraction secrets, and a free printable guide. I have been to their site numerous times and I always find good information.


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