New York City - Things To Do and Places To See In The Big Apple

The articles below are some of the information that I have learned all about the city that I live in New York City.

 I hope that you enjoy them and use them as resources if you are planning on visiting the best city in the world. Bookmark this page to your favorites so you can see new articles as they are added.

New York City Things Places To See

Empire State Building - Save time and visit the famous landmark building at this time of day and avoid the long lines and get a better view.

Bronx Zoo - Tips for getting the most out of your visit to the worlds famous zoo.

Resorts World Casino - Great food at the buffet and entertainment and slot machines.

New York City Waterfalls - Best places to see this art project.

Nathan's Hot Dogs - The place that made the hot dog and Coney Island one in the same.

New York Harbor - Pictures of the Intrepid aircraft carrier in New York river.

Famous People Born in Brooklyn - See who was born and raised in the Borough.

St Patrick's Day Parade - Everyone is Irish on St Paddy's day as the parade is always a good time in the city.

Pictures from Brooklyn - Everyone wants to see what Coney Island looks like here are a few pics.

Brooklyn Heights Pictures - If you like quiet streets with amazing views of New York City then this is the place for you.

I was in a Avril Lavigne Video - Well almost was I should say. She used a few locations in Brooklyn for her "My Happy Ending" video.

Pictures of a walking tour of Manhattan - Friends of mine took these shots as they wandered around Manhattan.

More pictures of our trip around Manhattan - the Brooklyn Bridge and the South Street Seaport.

Brooklyn Bridge Video - New camera that takes videos is amazing. here is a quick video from the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Walking around Brooklyn - some pictures I took with my new camera.

New York City Pictures - From the Seaport to City Hall in one day.

Using the New York City Subway - The fastest and the best way to get around New York City.

Sun setting Video over Brooklyn - Watch the sun go down over the skyline of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

New York City Videos - All sorts or tours taken on a ferry and in Central Park.

Video of Central Park - little video of the lake and people rowing the boats.

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