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If you ever thought about coming to New York City consider this a free guide to what to do in the city that never sleeps. If you already call New York Home I hope this site will open your eyes to the many things that New Yorkers take for granted.

I will be posting stuff about where is the best pizza in New York or what hotel to stay in and even what subway train to take to get to Bloomingdales.

My Name is Vinny and I started this site because there are so many places to see in New York City and there really is no guide for tourists which actually tell you how to save money while you are here or what ferry's to take for the best sites. Since I was born and raised here and love the city I can help show you around the greatest city of all time.

Why I Made This Site About Brooklyn

I once had a relative come in from out of town and ask me what they should do here so I made a long list of free stuff to do and what museums they had to take in and what ones to avoid at all cost.

I will also share some funny stories on the history of New York City as well as some stuff that happens everyday to me. I also like to take pictures all around Brooklyn and I will share them also as we go along.

So what do you say lets start on this journey so that you can make your vacation in New York City the best it can be.

You may want to save this site to your favorites as a guide. Lets start off with my favorite place Brooklyn. If you are looking to spend some money shopping see which Mall is my favorite for shopping.

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